Is It A Good Idea to Sell Your Nashville Area Home on Your Own (FSBO)?

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Is it a good idea to sell your Nashville area home on your own?  For Sale By Owner, also known as "FSBO," is a way of DIY home selling without hiring an experienced Greater Nashville real estate agent or broker.  

The idea behind FSBO (pronounced fizz-bo) is that by selling your Nashville area home on your own, you can save the approximate 6% that would otherwise go towards agent commissions. That being said, there's good reason why 90% of homeowners choose to work with an experienced sellers' agent rather than risk an unsatisfactory home selling experience.  

Statistics show that by selling your home with the assistance of a qualified agent, the potential for a higher profit is likely - enough to cover the sales commission as well as put more money in your pocket, according to the National Association of Realtors.  

Do You have the Negotating Skills Necessary for FSBO?  

Most buyers these days will hire a buyers’ agent to represent their interests.  That means if you choose to sell your home on your own, you’ll be negotiating with a professional and relying on your own skill to finalize a contract.  You don't want to end up selling your Nashville area home for less money or  leaving yourself open to potential legal problems unless you have  the contract looked over by an experienced real estate attorney.

FSBO Requires Time & Capital

There are other issues to consider as well.  Can you afford to make selling your home a full-time job becasue that’s  what it turns into for many FSBO sellers.  You will need to have the time and the funds to spend on marketing, advertising, inspections, paperwork, phone calls, showings, and any problems that typically arise when selling a home.  

Is It A Good Idea to Sell Your Nashville Area Home on Your Own (FSBO)?

We have extensive experience marketing Greater Nashville homes for sale as well as showing them to their best advantage. We will advertise your home through a variety of methods, including local publications and online MLS® listings.  Information about your listing will be instantly available to agents all across your area.

FSBO Requires Knowledge of Tennessee Real Estate Rules & Regulations

If you decide to go the FSBO route, you must learn the legal rules that govern real estate transfers in Tennessee, such as who must sign the papers, who can conduct the actual transaction, and what to do if and when "encumbrances" are discovered that slow down the transfer of ownership.   

What About the Work Involved with FSBO?

Advantages of Selling Your Nashville Area Home with a Professional

Choosing to sell with a professional Nashville area real estate agent rather than on your own has several key advantages, which include: 

A Nashville area real estate agent has access to market data about recent sales and other homes on the market that can be used to price your home appropriately.  An agent can also show your home when you aren’t available, can respond to inquiries from potential buyers and their agents, and can get valuable feedback from visitors, all of which will save YOU time and energy.

What's My Home Worth?

Recieve a FREE Home Evaluation (CMA) on Your Home!

A qualified Nashville area sellers agent will be able to look at your home objectively and suggest ways to improve its appearance (staging and minor repairs)  so that it appeals to more buyers.  Also, buyers typically prefer to look at a home without the seller present so they can feel more comfortable exploring the rooms and visualizing themselves in the property.  The seller must be present with FSBO. 

“Anyone Can List Your Home – We Want to Sell It!”

An experienced Nashville area real estate agent has professional marketing expertise, contacts with agents who work with buyers, and the support of a brokerage that can market your home more widely than if you were attempting to do it on your own.

A Greater nashville area real estate agent can help you negotiate a contract that garners you an appropriate price for your home, meet  your needs for a settlement date, and make sure your contract is in compliance with all local regulations.

So, before you decide to take on the "DIY challenges of FSBO," you might want to speak with an experienced Nashville area sellers agent and see what they have to offer! 

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