How to Get The Highest Price in the Shortest Time for Your Nashville Area Home

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If you are looking to get the highest price in the shortest time for your Nashville area real estate property, then you need to know how to market your home effectively.  The first step is to list your home with a qualified Nashville area real estate agent that has a strong multi-media marketing game plan - and a proven process for selling your Nashville area home.  

Bascially, the better you market your home, the more offers you'll get - and the more choices you have to get the exact price and terms you want.  

Pricing Your Nashville Area Home Right is Key

One of the most important factors of marketing your Nashville area home for sale is pricing it right.  Priced to high and your Nashville area real estate property could languish on the market - priceed too low and you'll lose money on the deal. 

What's My Home Worth?

According to studies done by the National Realtors Association, pricing your house just 15% higher than market value reduces the number of prospective buyers who will look at your property by 50%!  And a house priced 15% below market value will increase buyer traffic by 30%. 

What is The Condition of Your Nashville Area Home?

Another important factor to consisder when selling your home in the Nashville area is the condition of your home.  Does it look ready to be sold?  You will want to fix any obvious defects such as peeling or faded paint, cracks, stains, etc. - inside and outside.

Condition alone can prompt faster decisions from prospective buyers as to whether or not to make an offer.  A nice looking home that looks "loved and well maintained" has the ability to elicit a positive emotional response that can lead to a postive financial response! 

Negotiating the best terms when selling your nashville area home

Negotiating the Best Terms on Your Nashville Area Home 

We will work hard to negotiate the best offer on your behalf - to get the maximum price for your Nashville area real estate property, and produce a qualified buyer who is ready to purchase your home.  If you are firm about getting your asking price, think of what you can offer to the buyer, such as improvements you've made, or even offering seller financing at a lower than market interest rate,on a portion of the sale price.  

The goal is to convince your buyer why they should pay the price you've set.  It is all about the negotiation and how the parties work together! 

Gotta Get the "Buzz Out" About Your Nashville Area Home for Sale

We have years of experience as well as nationwide brand recognition (RE/MAX) which translates into more buyers for you.  We will make sure that your Nashville area real estate property is listed in the MLS, your home is properly signed, and will use multi-level techniques to get the word out to other agents about your home.  

If you are commited to selling your Nashville area home for the higest pricest in the least amount of time, then you will also need to get proactive about "getting the word out" about your home on your own. It should be visible to passerby’s that your house is for sale, whether it be signs, local advertisements or you telling your friends, family, and acquaintances. It's all hands on deck! 

Brian Patterson, Licensed Real Estate Broker Serving NashvilleFranklinBrentwood & Spring Hill, TN - Call Today!  615.438.4941

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